Zelanna Goldberg

Zelanna Goldberg

Company: Replicate Bioscience

Job title: Chief Medical Officer


Roundtable Discussion: Investigating the Essential Features of Clinical Trials to Streamline mRNA Cancer Vaccines Through the Clinic & Into the Patient 3:15 pm

Considering the selection of appropriate patient populations for the clinical trial who will have a high likelihood of benefiting from the vaccine, while also ensuring that the patient population is diverse enough to accurately represent the general population Determining the appropriate dosage and schedule for administering the vaccine, as well as defining the primary and…Read more

day: Conference Day One

Innovative Approaches to Cancer Acquired Resistance: Precision Immuno- Oncology and Synthetic Immune Lethality 12:30 pm

Exploring how a combination of synthetic lethality with immunotherapy could form a new class of treatments to tackle acquired resistance in cancers. Reviewing how these approaches hold significant potential in improving response rates and survival in cancer patientsRead more

day: Conference Day Two

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