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Improve Immunogenicity, Delivery & CMC of mRNA Cancer Vaccines Towards Accelerated Discovery, Translation & Clinical Development of Next Generation Cancer Treatments for Patients 

The mRNA Cancer Vaccine Summit: Bringing Novel & Effective mRNA Cancer Vaccines to Patients Faster

In December 2024, the mRNA Cancer Vaccine Summit will return to Boston to unite a community on the cusp of something truly exciting. It will be the first and only forum dedicated to showcasing mRNA cancer vaccine technology advances, translational insights and critical clinical updates from the global leaders working towards effective harnessing of neoantigens and developing successful tailor-made mRNA cancer vaccines. Attendees will unite with mRNA cancer vaccine, oncology and immune-oncology leaders, staying up to date about these innovative cancer therapies. With individualized neoantigen therapies showing critical promise in the clinic, neoantigen leaders will unite to exhibit a whole-day dedicated to neoantigen discovery and identification, towards optimized discovery and development of personalized cancer vaccines to differentiate and fast track your pipelines.

What 2023 Had in Store:

Reconsider the Manufacturing Challenges & Supercharge into the Approaches to Produce a Successful Neoantigen Individualized Cancer Vaccine

Discuss the alternative sources of antigens for personalized cancer immunotherapies and review the ongoing clinical trials using lipopolyplex? Formulated mRNA cancer vaccines with insights from Evaxion BioTech & StemiRNA

Optimize the Immunogenicity of mRNA Cancer Vaccines: Maximizing Effectiveness & Minimizing Side Effects in Cancer Treatment

Explore the latest advances and novel technologies towards improved immunogenicity and reduced toxicity of your mRNA cancer vaccine candidates with insights from NeoMatrix & HDT Bio

Benchmarking the Next Generation of mRNA Technologies as Alternative Candidate for Use in Cancer Vaccines

Understand how self-amplifying RNA, circular RNA and silencing RNA all have potential to overcome the existing challenges within cancer vaccines with insights from CancerVax & Strand Therapeutics

Uncover Methods for Improved Assessment of Immune Biomarkers to Guarantee High Quality & Efficient Vaccines

Investigate the key factors for biomarkers discovery and identify which biomarkers are most closely associated with positive outcomes with insights from Gritstone Bio

Explore the Latest Clinical Data & How to Design Better Clinical Trials to Develop More Effective Vaccines

Uncover the latest clinical data on mRNA cancer vaccines candidates and review future innovations in the oncology treatment landscape with insights from Genentech & Moderna

2023 Expert Speakers Include:

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