Official 2023 Partners

Find out more about the confirmed partnerships for the mRNA Cancer Vaccine Summit.

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Personalis, Inc

Lead Partner

Personalis, Inc. is a growing cancer genomics company transforming the development of nextgeneration therapies by providing more comprehensive molecular data about each patient’s cancer and immune response. The company’s NeXT™ Platform is designed to adapt to the complex and evolving understanding of cancer, providing its biopharmaceutical customers with information on all of the approximately 20,000 human genes, together with the immune system, from a single tissue sample. The Personalis Clinical Laboratory is GxP aligned as well as CLIA’88-certified and CAPaccredited

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Innovation Partner

4basebio’s synthetic DNA technology is ideally suited for DNA and mRNA vaccine development and manufacturing. Timelines to large scale and GMP are greatly reduced compared to plasmid DNA, significantly accelerating the development of personalized or rapid response vaccines. Additionally, osDNA™ can be tuned to increase immunostimulatory properties, facilitating DNA vaccine dose reductions compared to plasmid DNA whilst eliciting an enhanced immune response. And oeDNA™ can be used as IVT template, directly linear and coding long continuous poly(A) tails, providing high yield of homogenous mRNA products.

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Exhibition Partner

Leading provider of specialized precision medicine laboratory services with integrated platforms in immunology, histopathology, proteomics, genomics, and related specimen collection and logistics services. CellCarta supports the entire drug development cycle, from discovery to late-stage clinical trials, and operates globally with laboratories in Canada, USA, Belgium, Australia, and China.

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Exhibition Partner

Elegen brings unique insights and technical innovation to rapid, high-quality DNA synthesis, catalyzing a revolution in the life sciences. The company’s leaders bring decades of experience in developing novel and scalable approaches in molecular biology, chemistry, and microfluidics. Elegen delivers long, high-accuracy dsDNA in rapid time to agricultural, chemical, healthcare, and pharma industries. Founded in 2017, Elegen is privately held and based in the San Francisco Bay Area

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DNA Script

Event Partner

DNA Script, a leading DNA synthesis company, has pioneered an alternative to phosphoramidite DNA synthesis called Enzymatic DNA Synthesis (EDS) and made it accessible with the first benchtop enzymatic synthesis instrument, the SYNTAX System, giving researchers unprecedented control and autonomy of their synthetic biology workflows.

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Data Partner

Beacon is a world leading data analysis tool for preclinical and clinical trial information. With unrivalled granularity of search function, data quality, and exhaustiveness, Beacon provides timely information and gives you confidence to progress your targeted drug therapies to patients.

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Gene Therapy Net

Media Partner

Gene Therapy Net is the information resource for basic and clinical research in gene therapy, and the site serves as a network for the exchange of gene therapy information and breaking news items. Visitors can keep track of the latest scientific papers, conference announcements, gene therapy jobs, regulations and guidelines